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A model to predict migratory connectivity

A model to predict migratory connectivity

Migratory birds undertake epic journeys connecting oceans and continents, awing people across the globe. Sadly, as spectacular as these seasonal movements are, many populations of migratory birds are in decline due to human threats, but tackling their conservation is challenging, as for most species many mysteries of their migrations remain unknown. Scientists believe birds migrate […]

The New Global Framework for Managing Nature Through 2030

The last decades, the implications of human actions in nature became more and more apparent. Exploitation of natural resources, habitat destruction in the sake of economic development, illegal species trading are only a few of the activities that have resulted in a new era of mass extinction, the Anthropocene. One of the responses to this […]

Wind Farms in Greece

Despite some beliefs, climate change is real and humans are the ones to blame for. The increase of greenhouse gases – mainly CO2 – in the atmosphere, is the key driver of climate change. Emissions from human activities are responsible for 100% of the warming observed since 19501. One such activity is the production of […]

So long, and thanks for all the fish?

THEIR habitats are among the most threatened ecosystems on the planet. And despite their critical value as a source of food and employment for hundreds of millions of people worldwide, it is likely that many freshwater fish species have already disappeared without record. Freshwaters cover just 0.8% of the Earth’s surface and hold 0.01% of […]

One million species are facing extinction, IPBES report warns

Up to one million out of the roughly 8 million estimated species are threatened with extinction due to the impact of human activities, affirms the new report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). Compiled by 145 authors and with inputs from another 310 professionals, the IPBES Global Assessment Report on […]

New study finds protected areas are compatible with human well-being

The trade-off between environmental protection and human well-being is a longstanding issue in the realm of conservation. From forced evictions to unjustified restrictions of local resource use, conservation policies have often imperiled the most marginalized members of our societies. New research published earlier this month in Science Advances, however, suggests that this trend may be […]

Scientists map Sri Lankan elephants for first time

Scientists in Sri Lanka have produced the first-ever evidence-based distribution map for Asian elephants. The researchers carried out interview surveys across the country and found that the charismatic mammals occur over around 60 per cent of the island nation, a much higher proportion than elsewhere in its 13-country range. Earlier distribution models either covered smaller […]

Un-bee-lievable! World’s biggest bee rediscovered in Indonesia

It was feared extinct for almost four decades. But a team of North American and Australian biologists has filmed Wallace’s giant bee (Megachile pluto) alive on a remote island in Indonesia. First discovered in 1859 by renowned English naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, the thumb-sized species had not been seen since 1981, when American entomologist Adam […]