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Kathrin Holenstein

During my Master’s thesis at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, I looked at species-interactions and metapopulation dynamics in dendritic riverine ecosystems. My main interests focus on dispersal of species, changes in biodiversity and ecosystem functioning  e.g. as a consequence of the spread of invasive species and global changes. In my PhD project, I will investigate factors leading to permeability and variation of invasive species establishing in protected areas (PAs) in France and Europe. My research will aim to characterize the extent to which PAs are affected by invasive species and quantify the investment in management effort to prevent expansion or establishing of invasive species by interviewing managers of PAs. The results will contribute in order to predict how PAs will be affected by invasive species in the future and set management priorities.

The necessity of behavior change to reach goals in nature conservation

In his 93 years, the famous British naturalist David Attenborough has visited almost every place on earth, exploring the wild pristine nature, telling fascinating stories. “A life on our planet”, is his latest documentary, where he reflects on his life looking back at defining moments and the changes he has seen in nature and the ...
Is there a future for our planet? Or: How not to lose hope in a world with dystopic visions

Is there a future for our planet? Or: How not to lose hope in a world with dystopic visions

Emergency to act! Recently, more than 11’000 scientists from 153 countries signed a paper in which they warn humanity that the planet earth is facing a climate emergency unless major transformations are made in global society (1). The scientists point out that the climate crisis is strongly linked to the excessive consumption of a wealthy ...