*Update: Joe Kelly is no longer part of the Inspire4Nature program.

My interests broadly fall within conservation ecology and biogeography, though I’m particularly keen on pursuing research that can improve the long-term effectiveness of conservation. I’ve spent six years living in various African and Asian countries, working on topics such as: the behavioural ecology of great apes; forest elephant movements and human-elephant conflict; and bird diversity and distribution on Indonesian islands. I most recently worked for NGO Rimba Malaysia investigating land-use and selective logging with satellite data and GIS. In my PhD project I will be studying ‘the effectiveness of protected areas at avoiding species extinctions’. I plan to take approaches that compare this effectiveness to that of other conservation actions, and explore which ecological and political factors are the most important determinants. I hope that such research can be applied by policy-makers to the management and creation of protected area networks.

Are species important for the conservation of biodiversity?

Biodiversity is an abstract concept without a universally accepted definition (Meinard et al., 2019), with measures often incorporating both processes and entities. These may include: the functional diversity of a system, reflecting its biological complexity; phylogenetic diversity, whereby the distances between evolutionary lineages are summed; or species densities, relative abundances and total richness. Choosing an ...