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Gonzalo Albaladejo

I am a biologist and passionate naturalist from the Canary Islands (Spain) interested in biology, conservation and management of endangered species and also in biogeography, statistics, ornithology, new technologies (such as the use of drones and telemetry for ecological and species monitoring studies) and how all these different techniques and disciplines can be combined and applied to the development of conservation strategies. After finishing my bachelor degree in Biology at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain) I had the opportunity to work on the reintroduction project from the white-tailed laurel pigeon (Columba junoniae), in Gran Canaria from 2014 to 2016. Then I moved to the mainland Spain to complete a master in conservation biology at the University of Granada, where I ended up working in the ecological implications of the scatter-hoarder behaviour of magpies (Pica pica). At the same time, and with some colleges from the Canaries, I was conducting a study about the impact of sea-bird colonies in the conservation of the critically endangered Canarian speckled lizard (Gallotia intermedia). Finally, in May 2018, I got hired by the University of Braunschweig to conduct a monitoring over the common fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra) populations of the Eifel region. Apart from these activities, I have had also the chance to work in different projects, from different institutions, related with the reptiles species from the Canary Islands such as the Tizon lizard (Gallotia galloti) the lizards from the rocks of Anaga (Gallotia galloti insulanagae) and the Tenerife gecko (Tarentola delalandi).

Killing for conservation

The moral debate surrounding the lethal control of invasive alien species Historically, humans have been translocating animal and plant species from one region to the planet to another, from seeds and exotic birds from the new world to rice and spices from Asian regions. Some of these translocations are well documented, like the introduction of ...