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Scott Ford

Scott holds a B.S. in environmental geosciences from the University at Buffalo, and a M.S. in geography from the University of Alabama. He has led applied conservation projects in the eastern United States, the cloud forests of Peru, and the Ecuadorian Amazon. Scott’s research will focus on protected area dynamics (changes in protected area boundaries and designations through time). He will identify global trends in protected area dynamics, explain the sociopolitical and environmental drivers of these changes, and assess the consequences for biodiversity.

Cognitive dissonance and conservation: Will our minds subconsciously guide us to the solution?

On a cold February day in Washington D.C. in 2015, United States Senator Jim Inhofe pulled an infamous political stunt on the senate floor. He unraveled a snowball that he had gathered earlier that day, using it as a prop to “disprove” the reality of climate change. He ended his statement by playfully hurling the ...
New study finds protected areas are compatible with human well-being

New study finds protected areas are compatible with human well-being

The trade-off between environmental protection and human well-being is a longstanding issue in the realm of conservation. From forced evictions to unjustified restrictions of local resource use, conservation policies have often imperiled the most marginalized members of our societies. New research published earlier this month in Science Advances, however, suggests that this trend may be ...