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Freedom in the high seas: a pickle for nature management

The high seas, or international waters, encompasses all areas beyond 200 nautical miles (nm) of shore, which in total constitutes one-half of the world’s surface area. Not only is this a massive area, but also hosts a diversity of life, with species ranging from sharks and albatrosses, to tuna and sea turtles using the high […]

How to make space for nature?

Global biodiversity is being lost at an alarming rate. It is well-evidenced that this is the result of human activities, primarily agriculture and other forms of land conversion, as well as overexploitation of species. The World Wildlife Fund for Nature’s most recent Living Planet Report, published in November 2018, shows that surveyed animal populations have […]

One million species are facing extinction, IPBES report warns

Up to one million out of the roughly 8 million estimated species are threatened with extinction due to the impact of human activities, affirms the new report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). Compiled by 145 authors and with inputs from another 310 professionals, the IPBES Global Assessment Report on […]

New study finds protected areas are compatible with human well-being

The trade-off between environmental protection and human well-being is a longstanding issue in the realm of conservation. From forced evictions to unjustified restrictions of local resource use, conservation policies have often imperiled the most marginalized members of our societies. New research published earlier this month in Science Advances, however, suggests that this trend may be […]